Rehearsal.  Band practice.  Senseless mockery of other people’s souls and spirits.  Whatever label you want to give it, a band can only perform songs well in a live setting if they’ve gone through them together beforehand, and FlashMob! is no different.

Have you ever wondered what happens in a typical band practice for your favorite cover band?  Here are some statistics as to what generally transpires in a FlashMob! rehearsal.

  • 17 : Number of emails it takes to hammer out a practice schedule, as most of the band refuses to use the Google calendar set up for this purpose
  • 3 : Number of minutes into practice before Kyle starts sweating
  • 2 : Number of times Pete is reminded he doesn’t really have a say in what happens in the band.
  • 100 : Percent of a new song each band member is expected to know for the first run through
  • 17 : Percent of a new song that Josh says he knows
  • 79 : Percent of any song in the FM! catalog that Josh actually knows
  • 20 : Percent of rehearsal time actually spent practicing songs
  • 4 : Main topics discussed during practice (1. What Pete is wearing, 2. Who farted/made that smell?, 3. Why doesn’t anyone know their parts?, 4. How the song is actually supposed to be played)
  • 3 : Number of times the band has to physically stop Ian from screwing around on the keyboard so we can continue practicing
  • 4 : Number of times Kyle incorrectly says, “Nailed it!” or plays the “buh dum, ching!” sound when he thinks something is funny
  • 30 : Average number of minutes Pete is early for practice
  • 22 : Average number of minutes the band actually starts rehearsal after the time it was supposed to start
  • 2 : Number of Pete’s amazing ideas that Joe shoots down
  • 6 : Number of minutes later that Joe brings up Pete’s shot down idea as his own
  • 100 : Percent of time that Kyle spends thinking about cheese
  • 100 : Percent of times that Jamie has brought food for the band
  • 238 : Number of times Ian checks his phone
  • 8 : Number of Jameson cocktails consumed
  • 76 : Number of times a band member physically smacks their microphone because their channel on the board stopped working, and that seems to make it work again
  • 3 : Number of times a hatred of Jessie’s Girl is brought up
  • 2 : Average number of practices a month
  • 17,000 : Number of practices a month when bringing on a new singer (at least that’s what it feels like)
  • 3-4 : Number of new songs worked on in practice
  • 2 : Number of breaks taken during practice to mix new cocktails
  • 3 : Average number of hours spent in practice
  • 3 : Number of times the band points out just how short Jamie is compared to the rest of them
  • 4 : Number of times a song is run though before it’s declared show ready
  • 6 : Number of hugs (one to each band member) that Joe’s oldest daughter hands out at bedtime

And there you have it, a recipe for a successful cover band.  And to think, you probably thought it was all just talent, hard work, and dedication, huh?

Hugs and kisses,

Your friends at FlashMob! central.