Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  That’s what most people think happens when a band goes on tour.  Well, that may be true for major bands, but not really true for your friendly, neighborhood cover band.

For FlashMob!, it’s more crappy hotel rooms, Kyle insisting on Taco Bell and terrible beer, and other people’s rock n’ roll.  Oh, and we probably lost Jamie.  Either that, or she’s packed up in the trailer along with the rest of our gear.  Again.

As a part-time cover band, we generally play 2-4 times a month, but we’re blowing that out of the water for this summer.  We have a busy summer this year that will take us from the mostly pristine lakes of Lake Okoboji all the way up to Canada where Kyle hopes to find even worse beer than we have down here.  Sprinkle some weddings, corporate shows, and other festivals in there and you have about as close to a tour as a part-time cover band can get.

Starting June 20th, we kick off the first of eight shows in six straight weekends, for a total of 11 shows in 11 weekends.  For the full listing of dates on this summer’s tour, check out our website at

Come on out to a show for hugs, whiskey, and music that will make you dance until you sweat uncomfortably.

Throwing up devil’s horns for rock,

Your friends at FlashMob! central