Here’s a few teaser pics from FlashMob! at Pickle Park on 1/6/12.  There’s more stuff to be uploaded (including a row of full moons in honor of the Lovely Laura’s departure! P.S. Don’t miss the Laura Video!)—–

but we got stuff to do…. like BABE’S TOMORROW!

Be the first Mobsters to come and meet Josh, the kick-ass new bassist.  His bio will be up on the website soon, but let’s think about this–if you come out tomorrow, you’ll be able to write that sum’bitch.

Come out, get silly–and don’t worry, if you need a place to crash, Collin lives nearby and has an extra set of bunk beds you can curl up in.


More of these FM! @ PP pics to come, but for now, enjoy!

“Yes, you definitely SHOULD go outside & get some fresh air.”