I’ll just come right out and say it.  I’m going to need roughly 47 naps before I’m back to normal after this show.  It was fantasmagorical.  (Yes, that’s a word.) Lots of pics blowing up this post, as it was a full time job to catch even a slice of the craziness that went down.

Check it!

Action shot!

Sweep the leg!

True love.  (At least until Part II comes out.)

The whole famn damily.

Super Girl, SunDrop, & Danny.

These chicks brought the dance party.

2 creeps. Not sure what’s worse, Kourtney Kardashian’s b/f Scott Disick, or that ‘stache…?

Looks like Kourtney K. found a new boyfriend in this strapping young lad from Cobra Kai.

Danny Larusso points out his imposter!

One. Scary. Crew.  :S

Cringing at the excitement of all these characters.

Collin staking his claim on some ghoul, goblin–or beer-chugging geriatric– in the kick-ass crowd.


Thanks for coming out, Mobsters!

Oh, & did I forget to mention we’re hiking up our party pants once again this week at McKracken’s in Burnsville? Come out for all-you-can-drink-shots, compliments of Jeff.