Hi. We're FlashMob!

We may look like professional wrestlers, but we have feelings, too.

Joe – guitar

This is the same Joe Lover who once out-guitared Carlos Santana (not the famous one, but he of Carlos and Son’s Plumbing).

  • Face Melting 81%
  • Angst 97%
  • Pant size 13%

Justine – vocals

Justine goes by “Juice” because she’s a huge fan of OJ Simpson (not his football or murdering skills, but his role in the Naked Gun movies).

  • Taco Bell 92%
  • Meat 2%
  • Hair colors 77%

Josh – bass & vocals

My morning routine is made up of a series of naked jumping jacks. I prefer Walgreens to CVS as Walgreens doesn’t do pretentious.

  • Click noises 85%
  • Bow ties 55%
  • General volume 99%

Kyle – drums

Teaser: Kyle’s life involves skydiving, a Russian mail-order bride, substance abuse (Almond Joys), and cock fighting.

  • Cheese love 100%
  • Tie-tying ability 6%
  • Sleepy-time Mountain Dew 88%

Pete – guitar

Hello, I am Pete “Pleat” Mohs and you are most definitely not. Want to know how I know you’re not Pete Mohs? Too bad.

  • Pleats 76%
  • Polos 80%
  • Other clothes 10%

Matt – keys & vocals

Matt once ran for Mayor of Shocton, Idaho on a dare. He finished a close second to incumbent Ralph Dant (deceased).

  • Keys wizardry 100%
  • Hair products 0%
  • Winning percentage against Joe 0%

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