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FlashMob! at Babe’s in Lakeville TONIGHT: Lakeville Named New Orleans’ Sister City

Ok, that’s not true. But, are the two cities that different? In New Orleans tonight, people are letting loose, enjoying a few drinks, dancing to great music with friends, and getting partially naked for cheap, probably toxic beads. Remind you of anywhere? YES! Babe’s in Lakeville tonight! Come prepared to get a little crazy and maybe win a prize or two. And, Collin has promised to do another one of his sensual readings. This week’s novel? “Pleasuring the Pirate,” by Emily... read more

Time for New Band Pics

We’re looking into taking some new FM! promo shots. We have a couple of ideas brewing. While pondering ideas, I started thinking about the epic failures of most band pictures. Seriously, guys…  I just can’t believe four adults thought to themselves, “This is going to be wicked awesome!”  I’m guessing the guys with the “side” tattoo birthed this beauty of a plan. Comment below on an idea for a promo shot.  We’ll choose our favorite and make it happen.  We hope to not... read more

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! No, seriously, the roof is actually on fire!

“I’ll play along with this charade That doesn’t seem to be a reason to change You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot ‘Cause she’s watching him with those eyes And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night” — Rick Springfield, on fire safety 2013 is off to a roarin’ start, folks, let me tell you. It’s been a few weeks since I last updated all of you on the reconstruction of the band’s kick-ass RV, but we’ve had some issues that required attention. A brief recap: Band drives too many cars/SUVs to its gigs causing for the rapid meltdown of the polar ice caps Band sells soul, plays whichever gigs pay the most money, including something called “Anoka County Gun Show” Band sets out to procure proper “wheels” RV is found; RV is purchased Band eschews finding professional car repairmen and attempts to fix RV on their own “Things happened” – see below Band is royally f-cked! Everyone up-to-speed? Good. As last reported Josh and Plete were hard at work shaping “The Executive” RV into something more reflecting of the band’s status as a “Top 5 Must See Band in Minnesota.” (See Vita.Mn page.) With Josh’s blueprints at hand and a pretty impressive project schedule laid out by Plete (he even created a BaseCamp page), construction began. Well, anyone who’s ever done home remodeling or watched HGTV’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy knows that the first... read more

Fan Mail …

Marketing your band is tough. Unless you’re an über-successful band/artist like Fat Lip, David Archuleta, or Chumbawamba, it’s tough to garner attention from an increasingly over-marketed public. FlashMob! and its earlier iteration, The Subsidies – http://www.thesubsidies.com/subsides.php, has tried it all. In an effort to increase the band’s reach, we’ve paid a homeless lady to dress up as Lady Liberty and had her stand on a busy street corner passing out gig flyers, we’ve hired a skywriter, spent money on expensive SEO (or “Internet Witchcraft” as it’s fake), bought air time during the Super Bowl (on public access TV), and even leveraged product placement in expensive Hollywood movies; you may remember John Carter mentioning us in last year’s Disney film of the same title. With little to no effect, we’ve turned our attention to social media. We have a Friendster page, we’re personally connected to MySpace’s Tom, and on Facebook, we have a “Baby Photo of the Week” feature that has done very well for us. Fans can check-in to our shows using Foursquare and earn free Mozzi sticks. With Twitter, we’ve also opened ourselves up by asking our followers to send us questions. And with that terrible and lazy segue, here’s the latest FM! Fan Mail: Dear Fast mob,  I don’t really have a question in as much as I have a comment. I don’t care for most of your covers, but your original tune “Rise From the Ashes” is pretty cool. Also, you should play in Rochester more often. Paul, from Rochester. Not a fan. Thanks for the kind words, Paul. We’re glad you’re such a huge fan of... read more

Band RV Update 1: Commander, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans and bring me the Ambassador. I want her alive!

Off a successful and surprisingly entertaining gig in Albertville last Saturday, we at FlashMob! are entering a period known as “the winter doldrums.” We enter this show-free period where we, individually, and as a whole, celebrate the silent majesty of a winter’s morn; the clean, cool chill of the holiday air; and an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer. Before we slip off into our quiet period, we wanted to update last week’s RV post. As mentioned in the aforementioned award-winning blog post (Folgers Coffee “Best Part of Waking Up” Post-o-the-month for December), Josh Kobow and Plete Mohs – our construction foreman and project manager, respectively – are busy planning the renovation of the 1972 Executive RV, which was recently purchased by the band to serve as our band van / band transport. While Plete (in #ClassicMohs fashion) remains well-behind schedule finalizing the project plans, Josh – an extraordinary builder with a sweet set of tools – finished his elaborate and impressive blueprints and we’re happy to share a sneak peek to our most loyal fan. First, the image (for a larger view, please click on the image):   Josh has provided some details outlining the exciting changes for the RV. Please follow the appropriate letters from the photo and their related bullet points below: A.) As we see near the front of the RV, behind the driver and co-driver we have an old elementary school classroom divider separating the driving area from the entertainment area. This folding divider will allow the occupants of the main area of the RV to have a level of privacy not afforded with the RV’s current layout.... read more

FlashMob! First Year: What I Have Learned

Jeff likes: The Minnesota Lynx Pizza Ranch Snare Heads (LOTS of snare heads) Jeff dislikes: Slippery Roads Spending money on ANYTHING Collin likes: Quips Josh (love) Drugs (the boring kind) Vampires Collin dislikes: Hipsters Comments about his tattoo (seriously, don’t ask) Histamines Pete likes: Pleated Slacks Polos and ATM.  Oh my!!! Pete dislikes: N/A Joe likes: Death Stars bouncebreak.com Packers Responsibility Joe dislikes: Fame Faulty guitar stands Punks MaK* likes: Photography Videography Pornogra…not really, no. MaK* dislikes: Sleeping alone Bigfoot Tenacious D – the new... read more

That there’s an RV – An Epic Quest to Find a Suitable ‘Band Van’

The Craigslist ad read as follows: 1972 Dodge Executive RV for sale or trade. NOT a meth lab. The RV (Recreational Vehicle) is in nice shape overall, considering the miles are high (about 520k) and it’s been overrun by a family of raccoons (I’m assuming they’re a family. For all I know they’re simply friends or coworkers, considering their penchant for gathering food together). My parents left me the RV in their Will while my sister Judith got the antique hutch and the collection of knock-off Hummel figurines.  The vehicle, while beloved by me, has become too much to maintain and I’d rather have a smaller car or scooter to get back-and-forth to bartending school. The “goods”: 1972 Dodge Executive RV 520,421 miles (mostly freeway and city road driving. Some off-road miles.) AM/FM radio w/ detachable faceplate to deter theft Short wave radio (you’ll be able to hear Russia from your front porch) Police scanner Working gun rack Working RPM gauge (MPH, gas, and engine temp gauges are non-working) Spare tire holder (holds one spare tire) Roof ladder A/C and heater knobs (both non-functioning) Bathroom (sink, toilet and shower have been removed) Stove with matching microwave (Microwave doesn’t have a door, so stand away from it if you’re going to make popcorn) Military-grade metal shelving Family of raccoons (They leave in the mornings to forage, so if you don’t want them, I’d take the RV in the AM) Rusted, large-quantity drums (meant for transporting various liquids) You’ve gotta see this puppy to REALLY appreciate it. It’s worth it’s weight in memories for me and my family. However, I do believe... read more


… The boy, Pete, age 12, with tussled black hair and a peach fuss mustache, follows his mother through the endless cathedral-like aisles of the department store’s boys section. Having been promised fifty cents from his mother to play his favorite video game – Street Fighter – if he were to make it through the shopping excursion with nary an outbreak or tantrum, Pete holds his energy close, fidgeting and messing with the stacks of denim and khaki, dreaming of “Uh-ooooga” and other classic sounds of the game. “Peter?” Asks his mother, holding up a pair of slim, pleated black khaki pants to Pete’s belly, extending the pantlegs to the boy’s boney ankles. The black pants, the sort relegated to youth choirs and, later in life, Red Lobster waiters, are in need as Pete seems to “grow at an inch-per-day.” “Will these work? I think they will be just fine and, god willing, will last longer than your old pair.” She sighs, bites her lip and questions rhetorically, “Maybe we should feed you coffee to stunt your growth?” Pete, who’ll eventually grow to a staggering 6’9″, doesn’t acknowledge her. The boy whose sole focus is knowing that he’d soon be doing battle at the Outer Limits arcade with Ryu, Ken, and Sagat – his three fighters of choice from Street Fighter – half-heartedly nods his approval of the slacks without giving them as much as a casual glance. Had Pete taken a look, even briefly, he would surely have noticed the khakis most egregious error: pleats. Any self-respecting 12-year old, deathly afraid of atomic-wedgies and the like would implore his mother to immediately replace... read more

A Case Against Coors Light

FlashMob! has a rider* at most of our shows. That rider usually includes a case of bottled water, green M&Ms, and a case of beer. Most of the band doesn’t have much of an opinion about what kind of beer is provided.  One person^ in the band will not drink anything but Coors Light. So … Coors Light it is. The first few shows, I tolerated the swill and appreciated being provided with refreshments at all. After many years in other bands playing bars in the twin cities, we’d be lucky to get one drink ticket covering a 4 ounce Dixie cup of a domestic tap.# However, as I’ve “matured”, I’ve come to admit to myself what Coors Light really is; Metallic Flavored Urine. The “Silver Bullet” smells like the HHH Metrodome Men’s bathroom on Sunday afternoon (troughy). Does it really matter if you can tell if it’s “Cold” or “Super Cold”? “Thank you blue rocky mountain!” So, the next time we’re asked what kind of beer we would like to have, I will raise my head high and say … “Can we get a white wine spritzer instead? Oooo, or Boone’s Farm!  … PEACH, duh!!!” ________ * Definition: Rider refers to the little extras a band receives from the promoter at a gig, usually in their dressing room. Typical riders include things like food and beverages, or a pre-arranged amount of money that the promoter will provide to a band to buy themselves a meal and some drinks. ^ Collin # NEVER includes Summit or Surly. Really? What’s more “domestic” than breweries in St. Paul and Minneapolis? Just be honest and say “Cheap Taps” (i.e. Coors... read more

Like a phoenix, rising from the ashes

Back at Babe’s Halloween show, the unthinkable happened. My sweet, sweet Les Paul Standard Faded Tobacco Sunburst bounced off its guitar stand and landed face down. I heard the thump, and was afraid to turn around to look at it. Sure enough. The headstock was snapped. I thought for sure she was a goner. Well, that’s when the wizards at Willies Guitar Shop in St. Paul stepped in. Steve, a local legend in the guitar fixing biz, brought it back from the dead. Now, stronger than ever, it just has a hairline crack. It plays just like it did before. Thanks... read more

Babe’s Music Bar Hosts the FlashMob! 7th Annual Halloween Bash

Gnomes. Trolls. Monkeys. Tomb Raiders. One pretty frightening cross-dressing Dorothy.  Oh, & Collin in a much-too-short bath robe. I’d say that about sums up our 7th Annual Halloween show. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the pics, but you’ll have to hit up the FlashMob Facebook Page to catch the rest! (I’d rate them as MOSTLY Safe for Work.)... read more

Okoboji loosely translates to “drunk spidermonkey dry hump”

Last June, we had the honor of playing our first show in Iowa, which apparently is the state directly below Minnesota. I honestly thought it was MN, then a lot of trees and open fields, then Texas. But, I digress… It came as quite a shock to learn of such a killer party town nestled amidst the corn. Lake Okoboji is basically IA’s version of Lake Minnetonka, but with a bigger party crowd. A fun little bar called Captain’s Getaway was our venue, and after just one night, this place went to the top of our list of great party venues. We were beyond thrilled to land another fun weekend at Captain’s Getaway this June 22-23. For our MN friends that missed it, here’s a tiny visual tease from last year’s shows. To see the fun in person, get in the car and head south June 22 and/or... read more

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