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How come yer ears look all stupid and stuff?

At upcoming shows, you might find yourself wondering why we now have strange, multicolored thingies in our ears. Well, we done growns up. We are making the leap to using in-ear monitors in an effort to make our stage volume a little quieter. It will also allow us to hear the things we need to hear a little bit better, as we are able to change what we hear on the fly via our iPhones. Fancy, huh? We promise this will make us sound at least 9% better, although, we’ll still probably play that damn Rick Springfield song from time to time, so try not to judge us too harshly. And, since many famous artists, like those below, use these devices, by the transitive property we can conclude that FlashMob! will now find instant fame and fortune. Science,... read more

FlashMob! featured in MSP Weddings Magazine

Well, we like to think that we’re awesome. Someone told us once, so we’re sticking with it. But, Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine thought we were awesome enough to be included in their “The New Face of Wedding Bands” article in their latest Weddings issue. Joe Lover, lead guitarist and chief lawn mower, talked about how important energy is, as well as the need for a memorable experience not only for the bride and groom, but for the wedding party and their guests. Get out there, grab the current issue, and read some words! It’s good for you, similar to carrots and reality TV.  ... read more

FlashMob! plays Canada, ehhh?

Sure, we’ve played all over the midwest. Exotic locations such as Chippewa Falls (oooh!) and Des Moines (ahhh!) have become the norm for us. You can get a little jaded living this posh lifestyle. And, to make matters worse, FlashMob! has now officially gone international. Yup. We’re just that huge and famous and rad and good at microwaving burritos. FlashMob! headlined a big ol’ outdoor festival just north of the border in the lovely town of Fort Frances. The people were kind, the reception was warm, and the steak dinner was steaky. Seeing throngs of legally drunk 19 year olds took some getting used to (they’re just kids, damn it!), but we’re working on it. We also visited a Tim Horton’s at 3am. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically the greatest post-show food source on earth. America, get your head in the game and ask Tim to wear some red, white and blue. Sadly, no one said, “hoser.” Not once. Ugh. Was the trip even worth it? I just don’t know.         Photos by Clint... read more

The “Not Really a Tour” Tour

Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  That’s what most people think happens when a band goes on tour.  Well, that may be true for major bands, but not really true for your friendly, neighborhood cover band. For FlashMob!, it’s more crappy hotel rooms, Kyle insisting on Taco Bell and terrible beer, and other people’s rock n’ roll.  Oh, and we probably lost Jamie.  Either that, or she’s packed up in the trailer along with the rest of our gear.  Again. As a part-time cover band, we generally play 2-4 times a month, but we’re blowing that out of the water for this summer.  We have a busy summer this year that will take us from the mostly pristine lakes of Lake Okoboji all the way up to Canada where Kyle hopes to find even worse beer than we have down here.  Sprinkle some weddings, corporate shows, and other festivals in there and you have about as close to a tour as a part-time cover band can get. Starting June 20th, we kick off the first of eight shows in six straight weekends, for a total of 11 shows in 11 weekends.  For the full listing of dates on this summer’s tour, check out our website at http://flashmobrocks.com/tour/. Come on out to a show for hugs, whiskey, and music that will make you dance until you sweat uncomfortably. Throwing up devil’s horns for rock, Your friends at FlashMob!... read more

Halloween in Faribault?! Umm, yes please

If you’ve been to a FlashMob! halloween show in the past, you know these events tend to get a little out of hand. Great music. A lot of jumping and dancing. Maybe, well, a little sip of an alcoholic beverage or seven. And, a TON of mostly naked ladies with the occasional wardrobe malfunction. Keep your fingers crossed! Get down to Grampa Al’s in Faribault on Friday, October 31. Music starts at 10pm. And, be sure to arrive in your sexy [insert any word here] costume, as there will be awesome prizes for the best costumes! Once again. Wardrobe... read more

By the Numbers: Inside a FlashMob! Rehearsal

Rehearsal.  Band practice.  Senseless mockery of other people’s souls and spirits.  Whatever label you want to give it, a band can only perform songs well in a live setting if they’ve gone through them together beforehand, and FlashMob! is no different. Have you ever wondered what happens in a typical band practice for your favorite cover band?  Here are some statistics as to what generally transpires in a FlashMob! rehearsal. 17 : Number of emails it takes to hammer out a practice schedule, as most of the band refuses to use the Google calendar set up for this purpose 3 : Number of minutes into practice before Kyle starts sweating 2 : Number of times Pete is reminded he doesn’t really have a say in what happens in the band. 100 : Percent of a new song each band member is expected to know for the first run through 17 : Percent of a new song that Josh says he knows 79 : Percent of any song in the FM! catalog that Josh actually knows 20 : Percent of rehearsal time actually spent practicing songs 4 : Main topics discussed during practice (1. What Pete is wearing, 2. Who farted/made that smell?, 3. Why doesn’t anyone know their parts?, 4. How the song is actually supposed to be played) 3 : Number of times the band has to physically stop Ian from screwing around on the keyboard so we can continue practicing 4 : Number of times Kyle incorrectly says, “Nailed it!” or plays the “buh dum, ching!” sound when he thinks something is funny 30 : Average number... read more

Heading south to Fair-ree-baahhlt

I don’t know how to say Faribault, and I’m ok with that. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting. Regardless of pronunciation, we are going there to play some rock and maybe some roll at good ol’ Grampa Al’s. I think you should come,... read more

North Loop Fest 2014 in the books!

North Loop Fest is a serious party. We’ve headlined the event both years of its existence, and damn, it’s a fun event. Get there in 2015, if you haven’t been there yet! For some great photos of the event, get your butt over to our North Loop Fest Facebook photo album and check ’em... read more

Win FREE tickets to FlashMob! at Jersey’s tonight

It’s a Friday night in January, and you are bored. Right? Well, get your booty out to Jersey’s in Inver Grove Heights tonight. We hit the stage around 9:45pm, AND, the bar is offering $1 beers from 9-11pm! As a little added incentive, we’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the show tonight. All you have to do is click this link to go to our contact page, then send us an email. Can’t get much easier than that, folks. When you email us, be sure to put in your email address and your full name. We’ll contact you later today to tell you that you’ve won! See you... read more

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